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Who actually needs to be trained in CPR?

Around here at The Beating Heart Center we believe that everyone needs to be trained in CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

There are some people that climb to the top of the list, simply because of what they do.

Healthcare Workers

When you are working a job that the lives of patients are in your hands, you definitely need to be trained in professional level of CPR.  People that are healthcare workers should not only take a CPR class every two years but they should have follow-up training throughout their certifications.


Lifeguards are highly trained to save lives around bodies of water.  The lifeguards that work for the State of California are trained up to the Emergency Medical Responder.  The reason is that they may have an isolated emergency when rescuing a drowning victim.  Lifeguards may have to administer oxygen to their patient.  Lifeguards also needs to have follow-up training or the lack of knowledge could mean life or death.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer’s usually work in a gym or they are independent.  In the gym it is required for them to maintain and keep an AED for all patrons who are exercising.  The staff has to be trained in CPR/First Aid for the safety of their clients.  For every Personal Trainer it is a requirement for them to be CPR/First Aid certified because they will be stressing their clients into a possible heart attack.

Child Care Providers

Every state in the United States requires some form of CPR and First Aid training . In California all Childcare providers are required to take a Emergency Medical Service Authority (EMSA) approved CPR and First Aid training.  We entrust childcare providers with our children and it is a great idea to make sure your daycare has well trained providers for any medical emergency.

School Personnel

When I was in school the only medically trained person on any school campus was just the school nurse.  Today it is the responsibility for all staff to be trained in CPR and First Aid.  The reason is that the teachers and staff are always around the children, and there is a need to have quick responses when a child is in a medical emergency.  In the State of California it is required that all teacher maintain a CPR/AED and First Aid certification.

Any Employers with OSHA and Safety Requirments

Many of the employees that you work with in your workplace may require a little more training than just CPR/AED.  They may need Bloodborne pathogen and personal protective equipment training.  According to the OSHA guide of best practices of first aid in the workplace. The OSHA regulations is the main regulatory safety practice for all companies in any work environment.

There are many more professionals that are in need of CPR/AED and First Aid training.  To know how to respond to any medical emergency will empower you when you in a crisis.  In this world of danger the more people that know how to perform CPR can and will save a life.  If you are reading this blog and want to be confident in knowing what to do in a medical emergency, you should look into The Beating Heart Center for all your CPR and First Aid needs.