Cardiac Arrest

September is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month

What is sudden cardiac arrest SCA? SCA is when the heart has an electrical malfunction where the heart is no longer able to pump blood throughout the body. When this happens, the hearts normal pace maker fires radically and makes the heart quiver like if the heart paralyzed.  The patient will suddenly collapse with little to no warning.  Immediately if you see this, you need to call 911 and then start CPR, within 10 minutes from the onset of collapse you need to use an Automated External Defibrillator AED on the victim.

The AED will determine if the heart is needing a shock.  The shock will reset the heart to a proper rhythm and possibly get the blood circulating again.  When using an AED, it is self explanatory once the unit is turned on.  Once a shock is delivered the rescuer needs to start performing CPR until advance care arrives or patient starts to wake up.

Different between SCA and Heart Attack.

Do not mistake sudden cardiac arrest with a heart attack.  When a heart attack happens, is when an artery that feeds blood to the heart is blocked.  The heart tissue will start to die, and this creates the chest pain and pressure. Depending on where the tissue dies can end up leading to a sudden cardiac arrest. When a person has a heart attack, it is necessary to call 911 and stay with the victim and have an AED on stand by in case they get worse.

Being confident in knowing CPR is key and knowing how to use an AED, is the best way to prevent unnecessary deaths.  We can save lives and increase the chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest SCA.  The Beating Heart Center is the place that can make you feel confident in knowing CPR and the use of an AED.  Our classes start as low as 25 dollars.  It is a very small price to pay versus watching the ones you love pass in front of you.