CPR at home

Remote Skills Verification

The Corona Virus has changed everyone’s lives and how business should be operating.  The Beating Heart Center is no different and we are proud to show you a new way to take all our CPR and Basic Life Support classes, it is called remote skills verification (RSV).  RSV courses are similar to our blended CPR classes, where we send the video portion of the class to your email and upon completion you meet with and instructor at one of our 20 offices throughout San Diego county.  

How does RSV Work?

Remote skills verification is where we send the same video portion to your email but instead of having to come to one of our offices for your one hour appointment, we send the manikins to your house and you schedule the skill assessment at your convenient.  The skill assessments are done at your home and your instructor will meet with you over a secured zoom link.  When the skill assessment is complete each student will have a return label to send the equipment back.  Once we get notice that the equipment is tracking to come back we then send the certificate out to you.  

What classes can I take with RSV?

You can  take five different versions of our classes through the RSV program.  They are as followed:

If you feel safer not risking the trip to see your local Beating Heart Center Instructor at one of our 20 office location then you can see your instructor over the computer.  We are safe, convenient and inexpensive.