Daycare Employee Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid


Heartsaver Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid course is now able to provide the blended training to you and your daycare staff.  We send the video portion of the class to each participant and upon completion you will meet with an instructor to cover all your skill assessments.


Daycare Employee Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid Course. Heartsaver Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid for Children, Infants, and Adults provides an ideal training solution for schools, childcare providers, youth sports coaches, and others required to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children. This versatile program is based upon the 2020 CPR and First Aid Guidelines, Caring for Our Children, 3rd Ed, and other evidence-based treatment recommendations.

  • NOTICE: If you no-show on your scheduled class, we will reschedule you to another class without charge. If you no-show for two classes in a row then you will be required to re-register for the course.