National Emergency Medical Responder Certification


When trying to get certified at an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), the internet can provide you with various information, especially when the internet misleads you to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). We provide you with information on knowing what an EMR is and the difference between an EMR and an EMT.

What is an Emergency Medical Responder?

An Emergency Medical Responder is a trained person who can immediately render advanced first aid and stabilize patients before the EMT arrives. According to, the EMR identifies as a first responder. The lowest level of emergency medical service professionals. The only training organizations that certify Emergency Medical Responders are classes provided through community colleges and training center companies licensed under the EMR brands. Those brands are American Red Cross (ARC), American Safety and Health Institute(ASHI), and the National Safety Council (NSC). Then there is a National EMR Certification. 

What is National EMR Certification?

The National Emergency Medical Responders Certification (NEMR) is a certificate that nationally recognizes you from an EMR provider to a national certification. The requirements to become a NEMR are first to complete a state approved emergency medical responder course. Some states have an approved system, and other states do not. When looking for a proper EMR course, you need to make sure it comes from ARC, ASHI, or NSC. You would have had to take the course within the past two years, which means you need to be currently certified. Once you register with the NEMR program, they will determine if you are eligible to take the 75 dollar exam and a didactic exam that is also computer-based. 

California Requirement 

For example, in California, the Emergency Medical Service Authority does not regulate the EMR programs. The lowest level of EMS training they handle is EMT. So if you are trying to become NEMR, then you had to have gone through a certified EMR training program that is brought to you by American Red Cross (ARC), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), or National Safety Council (NSC). The most common EMR training program is the ARC because it follows California's Title 22

Where do you go to be Emergency Medical Responder Certified?

The first step in becoming an Emergency Medical Responder is to ensure the program certifications are acceptable for your Company or Organization. The Beating Heart Center EMR program accredited through the American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, and The National Safety Council. We will help you acquire your National EMR certification. All of our EMR training includes BLS certification. When your ready, you can register through our EMR Link, or you can give us a call at 619-796-2422. We are happy to help take care of all your Emergency Medical Training needs. 

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