Mylan Makes Epi-pens too expensive

Do you rely on an epi-pen or know someone who does?  Epi-pens are a life saver when a person exposed to anything that triggers a serious allergic reaction.  Administering an epi-pen within minutes of a person going into anaphylactic shock will reduce the swelling to the point that their airway will not close.

Only a few years ago you could buy a pack of two Epi-pens for just 100 dollars.  Today the company Mylan Pharmaceuticals who produces the Epi-pen has brought the price up to 600 dollars, according to Fox News.

What is the Epi-pen? The Epi-pen is a set dose of epinephrine (adrenaline) in a syringe auto-injector.  The way to administer an epi-pen is by having a patient experiencing an allergic reaction to self-inject the medication into their upper thigh.  Epinephrine will constrict all blood vessels in the body and reduce swelling.

Epi-pens are the only medication out there to reduce severe allergic reactions.  The Mylan Pharmaceuticals is only looking for self-interest than the needs of its customers. According to NBC News the CEO Heather Bresch has increased her salary by 500%, which is exactly how much the Epi-pen has gone up this year.  Heather Bresch stated that “through insurance companies and commercial coupons people could gain access to epinephrine auto-injectors for free.”

What is an Allergic Reaction?

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction is an auto immune response to chemicals that make histamines react in the body.  The response is triggered by food, medicines, stings and bites from insects and animals.  Faster the body reacts to the substance the greater the danger.  When an allergic reaction happens, the person will experience hives, swelling of the face eyes and hands, and swelling of the airway.  Unfortunately, when the airway seals shut the victim may die.  That is why we need the epi-pen for the treatment of a severe allergic reaction.

The Beating Heart Center does not condone the fact that Mylan Pharmaceuticals makes the Epi-pen too expensive for any basic consumer.  We request that pharmaceutical companies take on producing their version of the epi-pen auto-injector.  If other companies lower their prices, then this can push Mylan out of business through competition.

Some people may not know what to do in a medical emergency such as an allergic reation.  The BHC can help you get prepared to respond to any medical emergencies.