Mobile Certification provided by Beating Heart Center

It’s all in the Certificate

Mobile Certification provided by Beating Heart CenterThe certificate that you receive from The Beating Heart Center is not just a card; it is more. With the certificate that you get from any of our courses is emailed to you with an e-book and for further information you can get a passport certificate.

Having the CPR and First Aid certificate emailed to the student makes things easier in the case of preventing the student from losing their card. The certificate can be printed from any local printer to make as many copies as needed for all employees or programs that the student needs the certificate for.

The e-book is exactly like the book that you usually have to purchase with any CPR and First Aid class. In a class with The Beating Heart Center, the e-book is included with the certificate. The e-book allows the student to reference any of the material for the two years within the certification period.

Now for the first time the certificate is now going mobile. Mobile certification comes in an app called the Passport. Passport is downloaded to your mobile device. When you receive a CPR certificate from The Beating Heart Center, you can use all the options from the passport app. It will keep you informed of the most up to date information in CPR, and it has a program to help remind a bystander what to do during an actual emergency.

The certificate is not just a piece of paper anymore. The CPR and First Aid certificate that you receive from The Beating Heart Center is nationally and internationally accredited. We believe that a student does not retain the information for a full two years. It is our responsibility to give the student the opportunity to continue their knowledge of how to save a life in an actual emergency.

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