Sea Creatures

First Aid from Sea Creatures Stings

In San Diego as Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, everyone seems to flock to the beaches. We all enjoy walking on the beach, surfing the waves, or just enjoy the sun.  The coast is full of life and sea creatures that can cause harm to unsuspected beach goer.

Sea creatures such as fire coral, sea anemones, and jellyfish can cause stings to people just playing around on the coast.  When someone is stung by tentacles of a jellyfish, it creates painful marks on the skin, and the venom will deactivate.  One of the best ways to initiate the deactivation of the tentacle venom is household vinegar.  What you have to do is wash the site with household vinegar for about 30 seconds.  Later after leaving the beach the patient needs to take a shower with hot water to help stop any spread of rash.

Another harsh sea creatures are the stingray. Stingrays like to inject barbs into the skin with venom.  The barbs will give great pain in the affected appendage.  To help reduce pain and deactivate the venom, you should clean the wound and place the appendage in hot water for about 30-90 minutes. It should be hot enough for the person to tolerate.  Emerging the affected area in hot water will deactivate the venom.

Allergic Reactions

Exposure to venoms from sea creatures in the ocean, the victim, may have an allergic reaction.  The allergic reaction from jellyfish, fire coral, and sea anemones can be deadly.  Sooner the person starts showing symptoms of an allergic reaction, the more allergic the person is to the venom.  When a person is experiencing an allergic reaction, they will need to treat immediately.  The quickest way to help someone with an allergic reaction is that if they carry an epi-pen auto-injector.  The auto-injector can easily administer by injecting the upper thigh.

If you want to be safe this Labor day, you need to be vigilant.  The knowledge to know what to do when you encounter these stinging sea creatures can save lives.  Taking a basic first aid class will help give you the knowledge and skills needed to save the lives of people who are injured.