Administering Chest Compressions

Example of how effective CPR training is

At the Freelton car show, a Waterdown man used his CPR training to save his 85-year-old father’s life with the help of an off-duty Paramedic.

Administering Chest Compressions

The father and son were attending a car show at the Flamboro Valley Camp Ground on Regional Road 97 in Freelton when the old man collapsed in cardiac arrest.

A lot of the witnesses called 911, but the patients son acted quickly and started CPR. An off-duty paramedic heard the calls for help and rushed over to the couple to assist. Seven minutes in, the patient regained a pulse and started breathing on his own. By then, emergency services had arrived, and the man was taken to Hamilton General Hospital where he remains in good condition. Hamilton EMS says that this is a great example of the importance of CPR training.

“It’s important for people to learn CPR because you never know whether its a neighbor, a friend, or a loved one who may fall into an emergency that you have to help out at,” said Carmen D’Angelo, professional standard manager for Hamilton EMS.