Philips FR2+ Hard Shell Carrying Case



Product Details
Product Type:  Carrying Case
Color:  Red
Dimensions 12 1/4″ W x 11 5/8″ H x 5 3/4″ D Disposable Reusable Reusable Material Plastic Packaging 1 box = 1 case Package Weight 2.268kg Product does not contain dry natural rubber or natural rubber latex that can contact humans. Use With Philips Medical Instruments E, S, EM, (ForeRunner AED) 940010XX, 940020XX, 94030XX (HeartStart FR AED) M3860A, M3861A, M3840A, M3841A, M3854A (FR2 Series AED) M5066A (HeartStart HS1 AED)

Philips Hard-Shell Waterproof Carry case made of hard-shell plastic that is suited for more rigorous use, particularly in outdoor wet settings. It can also accommodate a spare battery, spare pads cartridge, and the contents of the Fast Response Kit.